Implementing Your Great Ideas One Step at a Time

by julia.hanigsberg | August 14th, 2014

Ryerson students will know that two years ago we implemented Soapbox. Soapbox is an innovative technology that aggregates students ideas about how to make Ryerson even better than it is today (access it by logging into Over 11,000 Ryerson students use Soapbox. Ideas that get maximum votes get looked at by the “Idea Partners.” Over the past couple of years we’ve heard from students a lot about RAMSS (the student information system). Students have provided a wishlist of items for improvement but sitting at the top of that list has been waitlist functionality, ie if you are trying to enroll in a course that’s full why can’t you be automatically waitlisted? Good question! The Idea Partners jumped on the idea and we are thrilled to report that Ryerson’s Registrar (and Idea Partner) Charmaine Hack has started a pilot this fall for waitlisting for some selected courses in the Faculties of Science, Arts and TRSM. You can find more info here:

We are all looking forward to the results of the pilot. Congratulations to Charmaine for the initiative and thank you Ryerson students for using Soapbox to make Ryerson a better university.

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