Working our Values: Openness and Transparency

by julia.hanigsberg | February 4th, 2014

At the beginning of each new year, one of the important things I do as Vice President, Administration and Finance, is to help develop Ryerson’s operating budget.

In this role, I serve as a member of the Macro Planning Group, chaired by the Provost and Vice President Academic, Mohamed Lachemi. The other members of the committee are the Deputy Provost & Vice Provost University Planning, Paul Stenton, and Janice Winton, the Chief Financial Officer. Guided by Ryerson’s academic plan strategic objectives, we review budget submissions from the university’s academic and administrative units. These submissions represent the financial requirements of all the important operations of the university; for example, how do we pay

  • to teach all the course sections we need to offer,
  • to build new labs,
  • to improve wireless services or upgrade other parts of the communications system,
  • to build space for an important new piece of research equipment,
  • to hire new faculty, and
  • to plant the gardens.

The submissions we consider also represent all the exciting new initiatives that speak to the aspirations and creativity of the entire university.

The hardest thing about sitting at the Macro Planning Group table is that there is so much more worth doing than the university can afford while maintaining a balanced budget – a sound and responsible requirement of the Ryerson Board of Governors.

Share your ideas and ask your questions

One of the goals of our budget process is to be open and transparent. And one of the features of this openness and transparency is the opportunity for the entire Ryerson community to participate in town halls to ask questions and make suggestions.

Held by the Provost and Deputy Provost, these are critical opportunities for you to have your say and to ensure you understand the impact of dollars and cents on what you care about at Ryerson.

Openness and transparency is a two-way street: play your part!

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